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Consumers are now flocking to the frozen food section in droves. And the health priorities that caused consumers to move towards the perimeter of the grocery store, such as low-sodium, gluten-free, plant-based, organic, vegan and clean-label, are now common in the freezer aisle. COVID-19’s impact on restaurant and grocery store access, coupled with a significant improvement in product quality, has led to a resurgence of popularity for frozen foods.

Frozen Food

  • Since early March, 86 percent of shoppers reported buying frozen food items (up 30-35 percent over the same period last year.)
  • Americans spent $15.5 billion on frozen foods in 11 weeks.
  • 7 percent of consumers who rarely or never purchased frozen foods before began to frequent the frozen food aisle.

Rising Expectations

With a rising demand for frozen food comes a rise in expectations. Shoppers don’t just want fast and easy; they want products that contain simple ingredients as well as offer nutritional benefits. Frozen meals are no longer just about convenience; they’re about authenticity and high integrity-ingredients for every meal.

Standing Out

In order for products to stand out in this increasingly competitive and saturated category, the ingredients you use matter, and Berkshire Dairy can help. As a food producer, it’s time to look at your product offerings to see where you can incorporate better ingredients.


We offer a variety of cheeses that can be easily incorporated into your product offerings. Our imported and domestic cheeses include Cheddar, Colby, Feta, Mozzarella, Provolone, Goat Milk Cheese, as well as Cream Cheese.


Our products are available in various sizes and are USDA with Kosher certification available. We also offer supervised Kosher products and Kosher for Passover products when requested.

Consumer’s growing affection for frozen foods is here to stay, and as a result, meal kits and ready meals should be a regular offering in your product lineup. Just remember—the bar is high for foods from the freezer aisle. To make sure your products are evolving to meet consumers’ changing expectations in regards to quality and flavor, contact Berkshire Dairy.

Established in 1993, Berkshire Dairy has evolved into one of the largest dairy ingredient suppliers serving some of the most successful food manufacturers in the United States. Berkshire Dairy provides creative solutions with dairy components, as well as committed, top-notch customer service and competitive pricing. Contact us today to experience our commitment to our customers.

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