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Caseinates / Caseins

Caseinates / Caseins

Caseins are natural milk proteins produced from fresh milk. Those proteins can be used in many different ways to enrich your body with the energy and power it needs to stay strong. And with Berkshire Dairy, you can find all kinds of great options in one place. We offer a wide range of high-quality caseins and caseinates to meet your needs.

Casein powder pilled on a white table

Calcium Caseinate (CA-95 or CA-95 ISF)

  • Enhances taste and smell, increases shelf life and improves nutritional content
  • Spray-dried milk protein, made from fresh skim milk that dissolves quickly in water
  • Low in fat and sodium and high in amino acids and calcium content
  • Commonly used in instant mixes, such as soup, infant formulas, cultured and cereal products

Potassium Caseinate (K-95)

  • Spray-dried low flavor milk protein made from fresh skim milk
  • Often used when the properties of sodium caseinate is desired without the salt content
  • Often used in wine, health foods, nutritional and diet supplements
  • Great nutritional value and excellent functionality properties

Sodium Caseinate (NA-95)

  • Common applications include infant formulas, ice cream, bread, cereal products and more
  • White or pale-yellow granules or powder with practically no smell
  • Most common form of casein and widely used for its solubility in water


  • Slow-digesting protein that contains essential amino acids the body needs
  • Stays in the body longer than whey protein and works for longer
  • Appears as yellowish in color with little to no smell
  • Commonly used in ice cream, butter, cheese and soups

Acid Casein (30 or 90 Mesh)

  • Made by the controlled acidification of pure, pasteurized skim milk
  • Fresh, high-quality with low lactose levels
  • Often used in creamers, sauces, bakery and cheese production
  • Available in particle sizes of 30 or 90 mesh

Micellar Casein (Regular or Instant)

  • Highly functional with benefits of heat stability, dispersibility and solubility
  • Low levels of lactose, mild flavor and rich in calcium and phosphorous
  • Excellent fit in shelf-stable, protein-fortified beverages
  • Commonly used in dairy-based and dietary beverages, soups, sauces and ready-to-eat meals