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Our anhydrous milkfat and traditional butter options give you endless opportunities for the richest, creamiest, tastiest applications with consistent quality. But it doesn’t stop here — we work with partners from around the globe to bring you the best ingredients, including kosher certified.

Anhydrous Milkfat (imported and domestic)

  • Available in pails, drums and totes
  • Ideal for transportation and storage because it requires less space than butter
  • Commonly used in baked goods, chocolate applications and confectionary
  • Rich, creamy flavor

Butter (imported and domestic)

Lightly Salted

  • Ideal for cooking to bring out real, natural flavor of your foods


  • Available in 80% or 82% milkfat
  • Ideal for baking, creating flaky crusts and sweet treats


  • Same great taste as regular butter, made with organic milk